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As the No.1 consulting firm, we are highly trusted and evaluated by the world.
* Received the world's No.1 rating in the 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report

Prosper with clients

We always provide client-first solutions based on the spirit of prioritizing the interests of our clients over our own interests.

Everything you need, in one place

Realize digital transformation of clients with three services of Business Consulting / System Consulting / System Integration.

Challenge to ASEAN No.1 Consulting Firm

We are the Thai subsidiary of Japan's No.1 consulting firm. Our mission is to discover customer problems, bring together the wisdom of our best team and solve your problems. Our challenge continues from Japan's No.1 to ASEAN's No.1 firm.

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ArayZ – タイ、アセアンの自動車ビジネス新潮流を読む

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NRI Thailand provide multi-solutions to many kind of industries by offering the best services of Management Consulting, Systems Consulting and Global SCM Solution

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We care about your needs in the consulting services. We are truly committed to provide you advice with our experienced and reliable professional
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