Line up of various consulting services for
a wide range of industries

Outline of services provided by NRI Consulting

Characteristics of NRI

  • NRI consulting division have expertise and PJT practical experience on industrial and overall consulting themes.
  • In addition, we can provide consistent support from strategy formulation to execution.
  • Especially in the ASEAN region, we received a high evaluation from companies and government agencies related to infrastructure (various resources) and manufacturing industry (automobile, electronics).

Since the establishment of NRI Thailand, we have accumulated dozens of project achievements every year.

NRI's strength is that we can support from “Research” and “Strategy planning” to “Execution support”

Project Map of NRI Thailand

Case Studies by Business Domain

We have past records of implementing wide variety of projects mainly in automobile, infrastructure and service industry

Automotive & Manufacturing

  • Future prospect of LCV and Power Train
  • Consumer trends & mindsets survey in ASEAN
  • M&A of auto parts company in ASEAN
  • Automobile semiconductor trend study
  • Global SCM construction
  • Business process improvement (DX)

Energy & Infrastructure

  • Market analysis of Industrial fuels in ASEAN
  • Oil & Gas market entrance strategy
  • Global construction market research & business expansion planning
  • Urban energy infrastructure development strategy


  • Market entry & expansion strategy
  • Business environment & national policy assessment
  • Infrastructure development strategy
  • Investment promotion in Asia

ICT & Advanced Technology

  • Support to identify Innovation areas in Thailand
  • Big data trend research
  • Information technology trend reports
  • Analysis of tech startups
  • Reconstruction of delivery business & system (CX)

Retail & Service Industry

  • Study for Use of Post Offices in Thailand
  • E-commerce and retail strategic business planning in ASEAN
  • Electronic retail store trend analysis
  • Insurance market trend analysis
  • Platform business in ASEAN

Healthcare & FMCG

  • M&A of food ingredient company
  • US and European pharmaceutical marketing and business expansion supports
  • ASEAN medical tourism market research
  • ASEAN healthcare market entry strategy
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